Once a Mom, Always a Mom

A great story from one of our adopters. Worth a read!

Edith came to Nantucket with her puppies in the December batch of Little Mountain Rescue dogs. She was a great mom to those pups. At one of the meet and greets she delighted visitors by running around pulling off all of the “Adopt Me” bandanas from her puppies! She was soon adopted by a young family with an infant son, Charlie. Just recently, Edith was called into action when Charlie got too near the stairs at his grandmother’s home. While the mom ran to grab Charlie, Edith leapt to her feet in front of the stairs, blocking his way. Even as the child pushed at her, she stayed stock still until the mom could swoop him up. We knew she was a good mom, and she continues this calling with her new charge, Charlie.

Edith and two of her pups.
Edith with her new family. Charlie is in the stroller.