The Office Cats Get their Day Outside

Thanks to the wonderful donors who generously answered our April Special Projects appeal, we were able to finally build a safe and cozy outdoor space for the “office cats.” Our office cats include Camilla, who lives with us, and some of the older kitties who prefer their own company (as opposed to the company of the crazy kittens in our Cheetah Room). Each day, the office cats will get their turn in the catio, for some fresh air, sunshine, and bird song.

Peter Sendelbach and Greg Shephard worked long hours together to build the catio under the the overhang of our porch. A cat door was installed in the office window and a few stepping shelves were added (thanks Fred Lindquist!). Rugs and cubbies round out the new kitty cabana.







We are constantly awed by the altruism, willingness and hard work of our community. We often say it takes a village to run a shelter, and this is just one of the many shelter projects that our Nantucket “village” helped create.

catio3. catio2