The Triplets Take Off

The joy that the Little Mountain Rescue program spreads is more far reaching than just Nantucket, as this adoption story attests.

Andy, Diane, and Syliva, the Mississippi Mutt shepherd-cross litter mates, were adopted on the same weekend, all three leaving the island for Massachusetts towns, and two of them to acquaintances who will get them together for play dates!

Andy moves to Centerville with the Donnellys. Now named Tuck, what better than having your very own kid to go on adventures with? Hard to know who is luckier!andyandyboy









Three generations came to get Diane, now named Finley. Headed to New Bedford, she looks forward to snuggling with Bud, running with Abby, and going to the office with Martha. What a full life she will have!


Sylvia (now Maggie) was scooped up by Emma and Paul once they learned about her from her sister’s adopter. The girls will be in the same town, so playdates are planned for them.



Not only were the lives of three dogs saved, but the lives of three families were enriched beyond measure when they welcomed into their homes these  southern blonde triplets!