NSHA’s Newest Families

Our latest batch of happy tales!

Sassy Sophie Beth and Lisa
The BEST things come to those who wait. Sophie and Sassy, sisters who waited a year at the shelter, were rewarded with the best new moms, Lisa and Beth!
Kerry and Dingo
Dingo held out until Kerry said I DO! With his new bro Mookie.



Kate with Judith and Phil
Kate found love on the mainland with Judith and Phil.


Edit and Fernanda
Edit (yes, Edit) found a new life with Fernanda.


Dee Dee and folks
Dee Dee didn’t even make it to the island before she was swooped up into her new family’s arms.


Skylar and Kendall now Jasper
Skylar, now Jasper, and his new mom Kendall.
Charlie with Catherine and Andy
Charlie with Catherine, Andy, and big sis (an LMR alum).


beans and brother
Beans’s wait rewarded her with a new brother!


Oh, and Beans also got a sister! And toys. Did I mention the toys?


And two guinea piggies went wee wee wee wee all the way to their new home!