A Flurry of Furry Forever Homes!

The last two months have been a flurry of puppies, kittens, seniors and adults flying out the door. We couldn’t be more happy with all these new families! Enjoy!

Rue joins the Almodobar Family.


the three that went together
Naila, Mau and Phineas (now Shellie, Max and Oreo) all went home together to live with the Eldridges.
Mau and adopter
Max Eldridge with his new friend.


Calleigh now Hazel with family
Calleigh, now Hazel, with her new family full of kids!


Horatio now Brady with family
Horatio, now Brady, with his new family.


Natalie now Rory with Brittany
Brittany finally got to adopt one of her own after fostering so many. Meet Rory!


Olivia and the Eldridges
Olivia goes home with the Eldridges.


Catherine with Seanne
Catherine lights up Seanne’s life.


Janice now Ruby and mom
Janice, now Ruby, and new family. Her new mom reports that had she drawn a picture of the perfect dog, it would be Janice!


Leo with one of his new brothers and a cousin. Didn’t take him long to settle in with some head butts.


Max, at 16, found a soft new place to rest his weary bones.


Stella now Splash and Jude
Jude joins our “LMR Twofer Club” by adopting Stella, now Splash. Cleo, who went home with Jude earlier this year, is so happy to have a baby sister.


Luke with
Luke, the world’s most friendly cat and now named Archie, goes home with his new friend.


Trudy with Paul
Trudy found love with Paul.


Mia now Salty the Dotos
Mia, now Salty, and the Dotos.


Hank now Milo and Angela and Brian
Milo (formerly Hank) joins Angela and Brian to complete the family.


Houlie and James
Houli and James make the perfect match.


Nadia and Adrienne
Nadia makes Adrienne so happy. And vice versa.


Flopsie hopped right into his new dad’s heart.


Anne and Kim
Anne waited and waited for the perfect pooch (and spousal permission) to adopt. Finally Kim, now Belle, is all her own!


After surviving eye surgery and living with cancer, Bernie got the best Christmas present ever: a family to call her own.