Our Latest Home-goings!


Lady Middleton, now known as Bella, is going to share her life with another NSHA dog, Millie, and their mom, Patti. There is a whole lot of bouncing going on at their house with these two active girls.



Dirty Harry made a clean break right into the home of Patty, Ed, and new sister Tess.


Ruby Mae and the Sargents

Introducing Ruby Mae Sargent (formeraly Margaret Dashwood). When asked how long Cade had wanted a dog, he said 14 years, (he may be 13 1/2). They think she is the smartest dog in the world.


mia and louie and the Grieders

The Grieders take on Mia and Louie, a sibling pair that couldn’t be more affectionate!


Lucy Steel with Mel Pete and Joan

Lucy Steel becomes Miss Lily. Shown here with her new family Mel, Pete and Joan: a great dog loving family who helped so much on the transport home, plus so lovely to get to know them a little.



Aaron finds love with the Rodriguezes.

Layla was Gail Peck with Mark and Jasmine

Layla, who was Gail Peck, goes home with Jasmine and Mark. The day before she went to live with them, Mark shaved off his big beard, just so she wouldn’t be frightened!


Hazel Belanger

Lucile Bates goes home with new friends Maddy, Mimi, and Lola Belanger, who now call her Hazel. They report that “it’s like she’s always been with us.”


Hannah and the Sullivans

Our own Maire Sullivan and family took on little Eliza Williams and dubbed her Mocha. Mocha is already learning the ropes with Hannah, who is using positive reinforcement to teach Mocha great habits.


Col brandon-buddy 4-16 copy

Colonel Christopher Brandon becomes Buddy and goes home with a pack of Valeros.


Sonny and Nick and Julia

Sonny Crocket here with his new mom and dad, Nick and Julia. Hopefully we haven’t lost Nick as one of our best foster homes!


buddy and the collinss

Buddy finds his final home with Cindy and Chuck. Could he be any prouder of his new situation?


Another LMR twofer, introducing Gigi (formerly Grace) and her new family. Shown here with Twig, Lori and Russell.


Rosie and the Holdgates

Rosie filled the hearts of the Holdgates, who’d just lost a pup far too young.



Zoe had the whole island out looking for her when she escaped from the shelter. This didn’t deter the Precourts, who scooped her up and safely got her home.



And for those of you who missed it, Dax finally found his perfect family, after six months in the shelter! Here is is proudly with Vicki and hubby.