Winter Love Matches

With 2 batches of Little Mountain Rescue pups and a revolving door of Land to Sea cats arriving from Turkey, the cape, and New Jersey, the shelter has been simply hopping with adoptions! Here are some of the latest!

Darcy and Wink welcome newcomer Rose, left.


Susan scooped up the beautiful Fisher boy.


Mac hits the Jackpot with Julie, Carl and Jimmy!


Mrs. Fezziweg, now Maddy, is happy  to live on the Cape with Mary.


Thomas sweeps Mrs. Cratchit off her feet and over to Marstons Mills.


Mary and Steve fall for Peter Cratchit and decide Moby is a more fitting name for this energetic pup, who is always on the move.


Jimmy’s new girl. . . Hazel (formerly Belinda).



Amy couldn’t be happier with Sandy (aka Belle).


Theresa welcomes Holly (now Luna) just in time for Christmas.


Carl and the former Bob Cratchit, now known as Lenny.


Once Bobo was featured at Geronimo’s, he didn’t last long. The Backuses scooped him up in short order!


One of our foster families, the Polchinskis, added Clarise to their pack. Here she is with dad Buzz.


The former Fan, now Tessa, finds love with the O’Dell family.



Introduing Fred Guilderson and family, of Plymouth, MA.


Anna, one of our foster moms, was surprised by her boyfriend, who adopted Harlis for Anna for Christmas! Sleigh bells ring!


The Levys fell instantly for Helen, and off she went, to be forever known as Bella.


Mary chose beautiful Houdina and gave her the very Nantucket-y name of Macy.



Jacob, Jake for short, joins the Dussault family. Who wouldn’t want two lifelong girlfriends?



Our own staff and volunteer extraordinaire, Deron, finally meets his match in sweet, smart Macky!



Miss Pross waited for the perfect match before choosing the Buhlers, who call her Molly.



The Milnes, of Wilmington, MA, chose Mr. Fezziweg and dubbed him Wyatt.


Sassy Nip was super picky, but finally settled on new mom Alyssa.


Oliver Twist, Ollie for short, finds a friend in Allia.



Nomad, of Turkey, goes to live with Tara, of Nantucket.


The Cruzes meant only to foster Toby (center), but we all know how that goes. . .


Cary Hazlegrove snapped this at Pet Photos with Santa. The Hunters, volunteers and fosterers, officially adopted Toby (second from right), which brought their current total to 4 (but overall total to 6 of foster-to-adopts). We dub them the official NiSHA Angels!