A Shelter May/December Romance Blossoms

Let’s be blunt: when Calista came to the shelter she was not winning any popularity contests. A “typical torti,” she’d hiss and swat as soon as she was close enough for contact. Understandably, she was upset and stressed to be thrust into a new situation, and into a room she had to share with many strange cats. 







Along came Oreo. Actually, Oreo was already there. A10-year resident of the shelter, Oreo’s medical issues prevent him from being adopted, and to him the shelter IS home. 









From the start Calista made overtures to Oreo. Deftly pushing her head into him as he’d pass by. Lying close to him on whatever surface he happened to be napping or (a-hem) washing up on.


However, Oreo was not to be won over so easily. You see, he’d seen them come, and he’d seen them go. Perhaps he didn’t want to get too attached to anyone, lest he or she be adopted and he lost yet another friend . . .    







But Calista’s charms were too great  . . . and finally Oreo succumbed.

Now, they groom each other and sleep together in the same bed.

They’ve found comfort and friendship for however much time they have together.

Calista and Oreo (watch them in action).

And love has softened Calista, too, who now approaches people for affection and attention . . . when Oreo’s not around.