Spring Brings New Families

We’ve had so many joyful adoptions this spring. Here’s a big scoop of them.

Chris, Christina and Maddie welcome little Clara.


Bess’s rescuing angel could not wait to get his arms around this shy girl. She is making good progress, going to the local park and dog store in search of squirrels and cookies with her new buddy Scout.


Betsey just had to have Gisli for her very own, just what she’d been waiting for.


The Barrett clan welcomes Buddy. What’s one more?


Catherine tricks her foster family, the Vollans, into keeping her forever. We don’t think it took much trickery.


Rex (AKA Crown) joins his new family: Monique, Trevor and Nate.


David Copperfield found love with Chris and Ranna.


Edgar Lindon is headed to the farm with Lis, Al and Lina.


Elizabeth Jane Newson changed her name to Bailey Zachary just recently. If you are looking for her she will be hanging out with her new family Kyle, Rebecca and Clair.


Emmet moves to Maine (brrrr), just moments from the beach with his new mom and dad, Megan and Gabriel.


Ham and his new mom Rachael. BFF’s.


Heathcliff was quickly snatched up by Tyler and Sam. Plan on seeing “Finn” out on the trails!


Valerie, Matt, Tucker and Bruschi welcome tiny Hettie (now Stella), who rules the roost!


Introducing Bella (Isabella Linton) Fuller. It takes an active girl to keep up with her active family: Gracie, Sara, Jimmy and James.


James, the little devil, snagged himself not one, but FOUR new girlfriends: Bailey, Ayla, Cheryl and Cully.


Clownish Jango has his own girl to entertain now. Isabella is thrilled to have her first canine companion.


Joshua Jopp (now Fin Mscisz) landed himself in a big, dog-loving family. Toby, an adopted mastiff, sealed the deal when he offered himself up as his protector.


Allison and Tyler were immediately smitten with Lucetta and had to have her join their family.


Milo (formerly Micheal Henchard) is the center of this busy family. He has lots to do going to work with dad and keeping watch of his kids Brodie, Avalon and Curran.


Nancy wins over patient Laura and is dubbed Nessa. She has come a long way from her shy start.


Nelly Dean headed to Newburyport to find her perfect home with Suzanne.


Genji (formerly Porgy) joins Molly (formerly Miss Pross), who was adopted late last year. He is going to be Jack’s special friend while Molly works his mom and sis (Megan and Jamie).


A Little Mountain Rescue twofer, Brian and Angela add Richard Newson into their home, where Milo (formerly Hank) has already settled in.

Pascal finds a family with the Cranes and is forever known as Bugsy.


Susan’s got herself a man. David said it was love at first sight.