Edith’s Pups of Christmas Past Check In

Three years ago today, Edith and her 8 pups arrived at NiSHA, just in time to give 9 families a Christmas they would not soon forget.

Recently we got a great update on this crew. Every pup has grown up to be just as gentle and loving as their mom. In words and pictures. . .

“Edith was the most beautiful, perfect, loving mama dog. From the minute those pups were born, she was gentle and watchful, but Edith was also proud of those pups and happy to share them with humans. She was always there to insure that her puppy’s interactions with other LMR pups were positive. Edith was never aggressive but rather strong and protective. There are so many lessons that Edith teaches the world about love.”—Barb Mauller, Little Mountain Rescue

Edith and her newly born pups at Little Mountain Rescue in Mississippi.


Edith with 2 of her pups when they arrived on Nantucket.

“I think one of the funniest examples of the protective mama was when they were released from isolation. Craig had sewn bells onto their ‘Adopt Me’ scarves, as it was just before Christmas. As each puppy was released, Edith made sure to get that thing off of each pup. It would have made a great video but everyone was too busy laughing!”—Lori Smith, NiSHA

Edith taking care of her new “pup” in her home on the Cape.


“Macy is enjoying life with her new baby brother, Mac. We weren’t sure how she would do with the baby, but she is so gentle and they love playing with their toys together. Her energy is relentless, she loves going for runs and every dog she meets she’s convinced is her new best friend.  She loved seeing her sister Skyler at the fair recently!  Hopefully we will meet up again soon!”—Sarah and Brett

Macy enjoying life!


“Eme is such a good dog with a very soft demeanor about her. . . inquisitive, but gentle as they come. She loves her big brother Georgie and I don’t think he can imagine life without her now. They are the loves of our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way!”—Martina and Sean

Eme having fun on Nantucket.

“Tuck is the love our life . . . . He has grown into this massive boy that will take out your hip  if you aren’t watching.”—Cathy and Mark

Tuck, Edith’s only boy child, makes himself at home.


Luna, along with her dad Henry, runs her own doggie day care!


Mamie loving the outdoors.


Nan on a hike!


Skyler got her mom’s eyes.