RIP Oreo, 2005-2019

Oreo was born on Nantucket in 2005, and spent his life in the Crooked Lane area of the island. Born with a kidney defect, Oreo was not a candidate for adoption and was therefore made a lifelong resident of the shelter. He became a much beloved greeter at the MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center, and when the MSPCA left the island and NiSHA was created, he became a founding member, even ”grandfathered” into the rental lease with Offshore Animal Hospital. 

Sometimes known as “Sir Leaks A Lot,” Oreo had kidney and bladder issues that we were told would take his life at a very young age. Much to our surprise and delight, he lived 12 years longer than expected!







The only shelter animal with independent outdoor privileges, he was the quintessential cat: always on the wrong side of the door. He loved the outdoors and would often run up to eat at the feral cat feeder out back, or go in search of small critters to “play” with.





Since the very beginning, Oreo was a friend to all: an Animal Ambassador who visited with children in schools and at the shelter; our unofficial dog “tester,” who let us know which dogs would do well in a home with a cat; a willing “patient” when we needed to show a volunteer how to pill a cat; and, as some of you know, Calista’s beau of many years. 

His late in life love affair with Calista was well-documented and rich fodder for shelter drama, gossip, and social media exploitation. Initiated by Calista, and tolerated by Oreo, the affair lasted until his death. Begrudgingly accepting her head butts and grooming in the beginning, Oreo would soon reciprocate in kind.

Oreo was pre-deceased by his shelter cat friend, Camilla. He leaves behind—and will be greatly missed by—Calista and the staff and volunteers of NiSHA and Offshore Animal Hospital.

Those wishing to honor Oreo can make a gift in his name to NiSHA: PO Box 2844, Nantucket, 02584 or at