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Spring Brings New Families

We’ve had so many joyful adoptions this spring. Here’s a big scoop of them.

Chris, Christina and Maddie welcome little Clara.


Bess’s rescuing angel could not wait to get his arms around this shy girl. She is making good progress, going to the local park and dog store in search of squirrels and cookies with her new buddy Scout.


Betsey just had to have Gisli for her very own, just what she’d been waiting for.


The Barrett clan welcomes Buddy. What’s one more?


Catherine tricks her foster family, the Vollans, into keeping her forever. We don’t think it took much trickery.


Rex (AKA Crown) joins his new family: Monique, Trevor and Nate.


David Copperfield found love with Chris and Ranna.


Edgar Lindon is headed to the farm with Lis, Al and Lina.


Elizabeth Jane Newson changed her name to Bailey Zachary just recently. If you are looking for her she will be hanging out with her new family Kyle, Rebecca and Clair.


Emmet moves to Maine (brrrr), just moments from the beach with his new mom and dad, Megan and Gabriel.


Ham and his new mom Rachael. BFF’s.


Heathcliff was quickly snatched up by Tyler and Sam. Plan on seeing “Finn” out on the trails!


Valerie, Matt, Tucker and Bruschi welcome tiny Hettie (now Stella), who rules the roost!


Introducing Bella (Isabella Linton) Fuller. It takes an active girl to keep up with her active family: Gracie, Sara, Jimmy and James.


James, the little devil, snagged himself not one, but FOUR new girlfriends: Bailey, Ayla, Cheryl and Cully.


Clownish Jango has his own girl to entertain now. Isabella is thrilled to have her first canine companion.


Joshua Jopp (now Fin Mscisz) landed himself in a big, dog-loving family. Toby, an adopted mastiff, sealed the deal when he offered himself up as his protector.


Allison and Tyler were immediately smitten with Lucetta and had to have her join their family.


Milo (formerly Micheal Henchard) is the center of this busy family. He has lots to do going to work with dad and keeping watch of his kids Brodie, Avalon and Curran.


Nancy wins over patient Laura and is dubbed Nessa. She has come a long way from her shy start.


Nelly Dean headed to Newburyport to find her perfect home with Suzanne.


Genji (formerly Porgy) joins Molly (formerly Miss Pross), who was adopted late last year. He is going to be Jack’s special friend while Molly works his mom and sis (Megan and Jamie).


A Little Mountain Rescue twofer, Brian and Angela add Richard Newson into their home, where Milo (formerly Hank) has already settled in.

Pascal finds a family with the Cranes and is forever known as Bugsy.


Susan’s got herself a man. David said it was love at first sight.

Winter Love Matches

With 2 batches of Little Mountain Rescue pups and a revolving door of Land to Sea cats arriving from Turkey, the cape, and New Jersey, the shelter has been simply hopping with adoptions! Here are some of the latest!

Darcy and Wink welcome newcomer Rose, left.


Susan scooped up the beautiful Fisher boy.


Mac hits the Jackpot with Julie, Carl and Jimmy!


Mrs. Fezziweg, now Maddy, is happy  to live on the Cape with Mary.


Thomas sweeps Mrs. Cratchit off her feet and over to Marstons Mills.


Mary and Steve fall for Peter Cratchit and decide Moby is a more fitting name for this energetic pup, who is always on the move.


Jimmy’s new girl. . . Hazel (formerly Belinda).



Amy couldn’t be happier with Sandy (aka Belle).


Theresa welcomes Holly (now Luna) just in time for Christmas.


Carl and the former Bob Cratchit, now known as Lenny.


Once Bobo was featured at Geronimo’s, he didn’t last long. The Backuses scooped him up in short order!


One of our foster families, the Polchinskis, added Clarise to their pack. Here she is with dad Buzz.


The former Fan, now Tessa, finds love with the O’Dell family.



Introduing Fred Guilderson and family, of Plymouth, MA.


Anna, one of our foster moms, was surprised by her boyfriend, who adopted Harlis for Anna for Christmas! Sleigh bells ring!


The Levys fell instantly for Helen, and off she went, to be forever known as Bella.


Mary chose beautiful Houdina and gave her the very Nantucket-y name of Macy.



Jacob, Jake for short, joins the Dussault family. Who wouldn’t want two lifelong girlfriends?



Our own staff and volunteer extraordinaire, Deron, finally meets his match in sweet, smart Macky!



Miss Pross waited for the perfect match before choosing the Buhlers, who call her Molly.



The Milnes, of Wilmington, MA, chose Mr. Fezziweg and dubbed him Wyatt.


Sassy Nip was super picky, but finally settled on new mom Alyssa.


Oliver Twist, Ollie for short, finds a friend in Allia.



Nomad, of Turkey, goes to live with Tara, of Nantucket.


The Cruzes meant only to foster Toby (center), but we all know how that goes. . .


Cary Hazlegrove snapped this at Pet Photos with Santa. The Hunters, volunteers and fosterers, officially adopted Toby (second from right), which brought their current total to 4 (but overall total to 6 of foster-to-adopts). We dub them the official NiSHA Angels!

Happy Tails: Our Recent Home Goings

It’s been a busy summer and fall at NiSHA. We’ve had great success finding our cats, birds, bunnies and dogs new, loving homes both on Nantucket and beyond. Enjoy these pictures of our happiest tails!cynthia

Cynthia may have adopted Tigger and Bear, but we adopted Cynthia as a new board member! Welcome!



Blather, now Jackson, and his mom Dani.



Blather’s brother, Duff, now Jax, with his new mom Jenny.



Noelle has gone to live on the cape with Brenna and family. Grandma lives down the street and keeps the cookie jar full for all her grand dogs. Noelle is already having a blast at the neighborhood dog park.



Tom, now Jax, goes home with Emily and friend.



Jarek adopted Robin a while back, then came for Edward, now Otto. Robin likes to share his crate with his new little buddy.



Beautiful Bertha, now Mosie, goes home with the Dailys.



Mr. Fang Poe and new dad Jimmy.



The eyes have it! Abby goes home with Billy.



Richard found himself a family, a “failed foster” family at that!



Moo didn’t last a minute in the shelter. Briana scooped him right up!



Jetty finds love with Alyssa.



Mrs. Sowerberry, now Haven, scored a great home with her new best buddy Huckleberry to show her the way.



Fluff and Buttercup get a wonderful indoor home!



Samantha joins the Gould Clan!



Mrs. Cornay, now Money Penny (far left), joins the Penrose brood, all big Patriots fans!



Patty takes on both Aaron and Alexa (not shown), so as not to separate the sibs.



The Artful Dodger becomes Odi and goes to live with the Thornewills.



Fagin, now Finn, decided to be a manny, and is charged with caring for the Brooks twins!



Keith waited a long time for his very own Princess. Now he and Sandy can live happily ever after.



Adele becomes Summer and goes to live with Griffin, Amy and family.



Brady finds a new family with Maria and Zach.


Bill Sikes (now Bruno) found himself some great friends in Nikolas and Victoria, who are already clicker training him!


Bella got scooped up when the family came to volunteer. Not expecting to adopt, they fell instantly for Bella, and away she went!



Lottie, now Bella, goes home with the Murrays. Sue is one of our Nantucket Steamship Authority angels, so she gets to see the LMR pups coming and going!



And last, but certainly not least, Lori Smith, our own Dog Adoption Coordinator, snagged Robinhood (now Cooker), bringing her personal Mississippi Mutt adoption total to 6!

And THAT is how lives get saved. THANK YOU to all of our adopters, fosterers, volunteers, and supporters. Together we can save them all!

Our Latest Home-goings!


Lady Middleton, now known as Bella, is going to share her life with another NSHA dog, Millie, and their mom, Patti. There is a whole lot of bouncing going on at their house with these two active girls.



Dirty Harry made a clean break right into the home of Patty, Ed, and new sister Tess.


Ruby Mae and the Sargents

Introducing Ruby Mae Sargent (formeraly Margaret Dashwood). When asked how long Cade had wanted a dog, he said 14 years, (he may be 13 1/2). They think she is the smartest dog in the world.


mia and louie and the Grieders

The Grieders take on Mia and Louie, a sibling pair that couldn’t be more affectionate!


Lucy Steel with Mel Pete and Joan

Lucy Steel becomes Miss Lily. Shown here with her new family Mel, Pete and Joan: a great dog loving family who helped so much on the transport home, plus so lovely to get to know them a little.



Aaron finds love with the Rodriguezes.

Layla was Gail Peck with Mark and Jasmine

Layla, who was Gail Peck, goes home with Jasmine and Mark. The day before she went to live with them, Mark shaved off his big beard, just so she wouldn’t be frightened!


Hazel Belanger

Lucile Bates goes home with new friends Maddy, Mimi, and Lola Belanger, who now call her Hazel. They report that “it’s like she’s always been with us.”


Hannah and the Sullivans

Our own Maire Sullivan and family took on little Eliza Williams and dubbed her Mocha. Mocha is already learning the ropes with Hannah, who is using positive reinforcement to teach Mocha great habits.


Col brandon-buddy 4-16 copy

Colonel Christopher Brandon becomes Buddy and goes home with a pack of Valeros.


Sonny and Nick and Julia

Sonny Crocket here with his new mom and dad, Nick and Julia. Hopefully we haven’t lost Nick as one of our best foster homes!


buddy and the collinss

Buddy finds his final home with Cindy and Chuck. Could he be any prouder of his new situation?


Another LMR twofer, introducing Gigi (formerly Grace) and her new family. Shown here with Twig, Lori and Russell.


Rosie and the Holdgates

Rosie filled the hearts of the Holdgates, who’d just lost a pup far too young.



Zoe had the whole island out looking for her when she escaped from the shelter. This didn’t deter the Precourts, who scooped her up and safely got her home.



And for those of you who missed it, Dax finally found his perfect family, after six months in the shelter! Here is is proudly with Vicki and hubby.

A Flurry of Furry Forever Homes!

The last two months have been a flurry of puppies, kittens, seniors and adults flying out the door. We couldn’t be more happy with all these new families! Enjoy!

Rue joins the Almodobar Family.


the three that went together
Naila, Mau and Phineas (now Shellie, Max and Oreo) all went home together to live with the Eldridges.
Mau and adopter
Max Eldridge with his new friend.


Calleigh now Hazel with family
Calleigh, now Hazel, with her new family full of kids!


Horatio now Brady with family
Horatio, now Brady, with his new family.


Natalie now Rory with Brittany
Brittany finally got to adopt one of her own after fostering so many. Meet Rory!


Olivia and the Eldridges
Olivia goes home with the Eldridges.


Catherine with Seanne
Catherine lights up Seanne’s life.


Janice now Ruby and mom
Janice, now Ruby, and new family. Her new mom reports that had she drawn a picture of the perfect dog, it would be Janice!


Leo with one of his new brothers and a cousin. Didn’t take him long to settle in with some head butts.


Max, at 16, found a soft new place to rest his weary bones.


Stella now Splash and Jude
Jude joins our “LMR Twofer Club” by adopting Stella, now Splash. Cleo, who went home with Jude earlier this year, is so happy to have a baby sister.


Luke with
Luke, the world’s most friendly cat and now named Archie, goes home with his new friend.


Trudy with Paul
Trudy found love with Paul.


Mia now Salty the Dotos
Mia, now Salty, and the Dotos.


Hank now Milo and Angela and Brian
Milo (formerly Hank) joins Angela and Brian to complete the family.


Houlie and James
Houli and James make the perfect match.


Nadia and Adrienne
Nadia makes Adrienne so happy. And vice versa.


Flopsie hopped right into his new dad’s heart.


Anne and Kim
Anne waited and waited for the perfect pooch (and spousal permission) to adopt. Finally Kim, now Belle, is all her own!


After surviving eye surgery and living with cancer, Bernie got the best Christmas present ever: a family to call her own.


NSHA’s Newest Families

Our latest batch of happy tales!

Sassy Sophie Beth and Lisa
The BEST things come to those who wait. Sophie and Sassy, sisters who waited a year at the shelter, were rewarded with the best new moms, Lisa and Beth!
Kerry and Dingo
Dingo held out until Kerry said I DO! With his new bro Mookie.



Kate with Judith and Phil
Kate found love on the mainland with Judith and Phil.


Edit and Fernanda
Edit (yes, Edit) found a new life with Fernanda.


Dee Dee and folks
Dee Dee didn’t even make it to the island before she was swooped up into her new family’s arms.


Skylar and Kendall now Jasper
Skylar, now Jasper, and his new mom Kendall.
Charlie with Catherine and Andy
Charlie with Catherine, Andy, and big sis (an LMR alum).


beans and brother
Beans’s wait rewarded her with a new brother!


Oh, and Beans also got a sister! And toys. Did I mention the toys?


And two guinea piggies went wee wee wee wee all the way to their new home!

August is a Month of Happy Homegoings

Our latest batch of Little Mountain Rescue dogs, a basket full of kittens, a sweet senior, and one of our cutest dogs ever all found their forever homes in August!

Wiggles meets his new best friend, Robert.
Jill goes to live with Pete, Hillary and Percy.
Nola, now Cleo, goes from foster to family in 24 hours.
One of the 6 kittens who flew into new homes within a week.
Olivia and family take Penny (now Maddie) into their lives.
Tiny Emma finds love with the Ferreiras.
Emily gets a large family all her own.
AJ, now Mia, has some kids to grow up with.
Aron (now Mason) finds a forever home with Dave.
Elle-Stella 8-15
Elle (now Stella) gets a boy all her own!

Two Bunnies Hop To a Wonderful New Future

The new family holds up identifying signs for their new bunnies!
Sugar & Spice
Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice just hit the adoptive home jackpot. These two rabbits, who have been at the shelter since March, were finally settling in to a temporary foster home with an island family so they could get a little more space, time and attention at least for the summer months. While there, a potential forever home was crafted with summer residents. Our Operations Manager brought them to the Steamship and found the new family holding up signs to identify them as Sugar and Spices’ new best friends! These two will have a happy new life on a farm with goats and chickens in Grafton, MA.



The Triplets Take Off

The joy that the Little Mountain Rescue program spreads is more far reaching than just Nantucket, as this adoption story attests.

Andy, Diane, and Syliva, the Mississippi Mutt shepherd-cross litter mates, were adopted on the same weekend, all three leaving the island for Massachusetts towns, and two of them to acquaintances who will get them together for play dates!

Andy moves to Centerville with the Donnellys. Now named Tuck, what better than having your very own kid to go on adventures with? Hard to know who is luckier!andyandyboy









Three generations came to get Diane, now named Finley. Headed to New Bedford, she looks forward to snuggling with Bud, running with Abby, and going to the office with Martha. What a full life she will have!


Sylvia (now Maggie) was scooped up by Emma and Paul once they learned about her from her sister’s adopter. The girls will be in the same town, so playdates are planned for them.



Not only were the lives of three dogs saved, but the lives of three families were enriched beyond measure when they welcomed into their homes these  southern blonde triplets!

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

A great story from one of our adopters. Worth a read!

Edith came to Nantucket with her puppies in the December batch of Little Mountain Rescue dogs. She was a great mom to those pups. At one of the meet and greets she delighted visitors by running around pulling off all of the “Adopt Me” bandanas from her puppies! She was soon adopted by a young family with an infant son, Charlie. Just recently, Edith was called into action when Charlie got too near the stairs at his grandmother’s home. While the mom ran to grab Charlie, Edith leapt to her feet in front of the stairs, blocking his way. Even as the child pushed at her, she stayed stock still until the mom could swoop him up. We knew she was a good mom, and she continues this calling with her new charge, Charlie.

Edith and two of her pups.
Edith with her new family. Charlie is in the stroller.