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Some animals aren’t ready to be in the shelter for various reasons. If you are not in a position to adopt an animal for life, consider the shorter-term commitment of fostering an animal in your home until it can be adopted.

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One of the great ways you can help Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals is to become one of our incredible fosterers.

Many of the animals that come into our care will benefit enormously if they can be looked after in a domestic setting rather than the shelter environment. This may be due to the age or characteristics of a particular animal – it is crucial to the healthy development of most young animals for example that they are well socialized. Other animals, used to living on their own, may find the shelter environment too stressful. Pets belong in caring homes.

As a fosterer, you open your home to a shelter animal. It may be for a very short time – young animals typically take only between two weeks and a month to be rehomed, older animals or those with specific rehoming requirements on the other hand may take longer to place in a new home. Some pets are not looking for new homes, but they may require temporary care and this is the foundation of our “Pet Retreat” scheme. Sadly, for some animals, adoption is unlikely to be a realistic prospect. A fosterer though can make the difference between that animal living out the rest of its life in the shelter or in a home.

While we appreciate any financial assistance a fosterer can provide, the costs of the animal remain NiSHA’s responsibility. We’ll provide all bedding and equipment, and pay for any necessary medical expenses.

The needs of animals differ – but essentially, all that a fosterer must be able to provide is a safe and secure place in their home and the necessary time to care for an animal. Previous animal experience is a bonus but if you’re ready and willing, we’ll ensure you receive full training. If you are interested in becoming a fosterer, please complete and return to us this short application form and one of our volunteers will be in touch.