We know what a stressful time it is when your beloved pet is missing. The first thing you should do is report your missing pet to the Police Department (508-228-1212) and to us (508-825-CATS).

Email a picture to us at: info@nishanimals.org and we will post on our public Facebook page. If you find your animal, please let us know, so we can update our records and let concerned citizens know the good news.

Here is what you should do if your dog has been picked up by the Animal Control Officer or a citizen and brought to NiSHA: the ONLY way you can retrieve your dog from the shelter is to provide proof of a current rabies vaccination, a valid driver’s license and the necessary boarding fees incurred while your dog was with us. The boarding fee is $60 per calendar day, which includes a bed, food, water, walks with our staff and volunteers and lots of attention. Having your dog vaccinated against rabies is a State Law; therefore, we can not release a dog without proof. Please provide health certificate or rabies certificate.

Make sure your animal has proper identification on at all times and is microchipped in case they lose their collars. Have a current picture of your pet on file to email out or make posters if the need arises. Keep your pets vaccinated and retain copies for your records. Please remember that animals should not run loose, but if by unfortunate circumstances your pet is missing, we will do all we can to help reunite you with your animal as soon as possible.