Scott O'Connor (1)In the mid 1970’s Scott went to work in the construction industry, starting as a laborer while in high school, and eventually becoming a Site Supervisor after some time at college. It was in 1996 that he came out to Nantucket with the task of building a home for a client through a Connecticut-based building firm. One year later, the project was complete, but instead of returning to Connecticut, Nantucket became Scott’s permanent home, and he has been living and working here for over twenty years.  Scott opened O’Connor Custom Builders in 1999, and have had the fortunate opportunity to work on many amazing homes in a very beautiful and unique setting. Scott has always appreciated animals, having grown up with cats and dogs as part of the family. In 2011, he and his partner adopted Dexter from a shelter in Missisippi and their life changed in so many ways. Like so many, Scott knew little about the ongoing situation and struggle of shelters trying to manage the homeless pet problem. Wanting to rescue more, they adopted Bailey three years later who had been transported from Alabama to the Northeast. Ever since, the realities of animals in great need has become front and center for Scott.